Top 25 Apps for iPhone

Top 25 Apps for iPhone
By Sarvjit Rangra / September 18, 2017

iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones today and this is one of the products of Apple Inc. This iPhone allows call merging, call holding, conferencing, caller ID as well as integration with various cellular networks and iPhone functions. For instance, if you are playing music and someone is calling, you can receive the call without the need to stop the music. It will automatically stop and it will be retrieved once the call has already ended.

Iphone is also supporting video call with the use of either back or front camera via Wi-Fi connection; this is so called the FaceTime. When it comes to the iPhone 3GS, there is the newly introduced Voice Control that enables the users to utter the name or the number of the person he wants to and the iPhone will automatically dial and call it.
IPhone contains lots of features that you will surely like upon usage. Today, as technology evolves rapidly, there are also application that will make your iPhone experience different. These applications are designed not just to improve the appearance of your smartphone but to also to improve how you use it. The iPhone application are designed not only to entertain you as you use your phone but also to keep you updated with the things that happens around you.

The following are the top 25 Apps for Iphone that can be downloaded even for free:

  1. Google Maps - Google Map is equipped with important features such as public transit directions and turn-by-turn navigation as well as correct maps, which is very important.
  2. Instagram - This Facebook-owned app will enable you to put filters to the existing or new photos. You can share it to your friends if you want them to view your photos. Everything will be delivered in a smooth-scrolling feed.
  3. Chrome - If you are thinking that having a third party browser in your phone to be used as default is not possible, then this Chrome owned by Google is free to download. Chrome is one of your favourites right? And because of having a great interface, URLs, omnibox and stacked tubs as well as its ability to sync bookmarks and open tabs.
  4. Evernote - This app will not only allow you to take down ideas but also to sync everything in the cloud, which then makes it easy to access content on various devices.
  5. Facebook - If you find it difficult to read messages, keep updated with your friends, upload photos due to delayed service of your browser, you can have this Facebook app downloaded in your iPhone.
  6. Find My iPhone - This is the Apple’s solution in order to help the iPhone users find their stolen or lost device. This allows them to track the location of the device with the use of other iPhone, Ipod touch or iPad.
  7. Flipboard: Your Social New Magazine - The comfortable design of this app will allow you to flip any page either up or down in order to whip through the new stories and you can also link with social networking accounts for the purpose of grabbing links from friends.
  8. Camera Awesome - This app allows you to tap wide array of presets in order to enhance every image. You can also use burst mode, stabilization and timers.
  9. Jasmine - YouTube Client - This app will not feed you with lots of clip that you don’t like instead it will show you the things that you want in streamlined and attractive manner.
  10. Wikipanion - You can use this app if you want to look up words and terms in the dictionary or view table of contents for pages.
  11. Twitter - This offers variety of features. You can share ideas and thoughts with photos and many more.
  12. Imo Messenger - This is an all-in-one option which ticks expected box; you can chat with your friends via Google Talk, Facebook, AIM or Skype and call friends for free over internet.
  13. Pocket - This app stores pieces then syncs them in any device, whereby you use the service. It allows you to catch up with your iPad, iPhone and others.
  14. Dropbox - This is similar with your storage locker in a cloud. It allows you to download and upload freely.
  15. Songza - This app goes along with unique approach of choosing songs or playlist that will match your situation or mood through the use of its feature- music concierge.
  16. Yelp - This is the leading option if you are looking for retail stores, eateries and others, you can use this app to make reservations.
  17. Foursquare - This will allow you to “check in” into local businesses, restaurants and other establishments, compete with friends in particular game, and earn points and more.
  18. Netflix - This app is considered a hard one since it allows you to watch different films television episodes and more over Wi-Fi.
  19. Amazon Mobile - This is best especially for shoppers. With the use of this app, you can purchase product without the need to exert too much effort and this will give alerts once the items are shipped.
  20. Waze - This app is known as community-supported navigation and traffic app.
  21. iBooks - This is offering digital reader and storefront in one. You can read novel whenever you want to.
  22. Snapseed - This is an exceptional mobile photo editing app that permits smart and quick adjustments. You can enhance even photos with high resolutions.
  23. RunKeeper - This app will keep track of your back rides, runs and various fitness activities through maps and GPS.
  24. Pulse - It provides effective way in order to stay at the peak of your interest. You can add feeds from various news sources, blogs and others.
  25. ESPN ScoreCenter - You can keep updated with live Game casts, video highlights and news feeds. This will always keep you in action.

These are the top 25 Apps for Iphone. The above-mentioned apps will surely be beneficial not only for you as the user but also to others around you. You can download these apps paid or for free.

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