Does Your Phone Make You Money?

Does Your Phone Make You Money?
By Sarvjit Rangra / September 18, 2017

Have you once thought that your phone can make you money?  You might think that instead of earning money from your phone, you are spending much for it, for load, internet and more. There are instances that almost all your allowance is spent for your phone. Through the use of your phone, you can now watch video, films, and play games, chat with your family and friends and for you to such activities, you will be required to spend money right? You will surely think that it is impossible to make money out of your phone however did you know that because of the new apps today, you can now make money?

Making money is really a difficult thing to do most especially if you don’t have enough resource. If you want to earn money, you have to exert more effort, sweat and time just to earn small amount. Working harder will enable you to earn money. In todays' generation, technologies are now invading even in the process of making money. People are now on to the utilization of technologies and mobile devices. Earning money as of this time is now made easy through the use of your phone. You can earn money with just few clicks in your phone.

Today, there are already ways that will enable you to make money out of your phone. Instead of spending for your phone, your device will now help you in making easy money. Some of the applications available today will help you in making money from your phone. The following are some of the trending buzz that will allow you to earn money:

Field Agent

In this app, agents are required to download the Field Agent app on their iPhone. They will select from the available jobs and agents will be required to complete it within the allotted time, which is 2 hours. Once they are able to complete the job, they will receive points however if the job is incomplete, you will lose points. Some of the available jobs include price checks along with photo and bar code scan mystery shopping, product reviews, surveys, verify business locations, polls, brochure placement and take photos. You can get your money from your PayPal account.


You just have to download the application and you can now earn points through playing games and sharing apps in the social media. This app is for Apple apps only. This app is paying apps either on Kiip or RewardsDen. Through these services, you will be able to get free items or earn discounts from places such as SkyMall, PetSmart, eBags, Best Buy, Starbucks, Pepsi and others. If you want to make sure that you will be able to earn more rewards, participating on other programs that rewards points on Kiip or RewardsDen is a good idea.

Embee Mobile

This app is made available for over 300 mobile carriers. For you to make use of this app to make money, just download the "mobile performance meter" and so, you can now earn and get gift cards. The users will just install this app from the Google Play. People who are situated in US will be able to get gift cards from Domino's Pizza, Amazon and Dell. People who are outside the area of US, the points will be traded on mobile airtime.


This app is designed for iPhone only. IPhone users will just download the application on their mobile, create account and begin accepting “shifts”. If you are able to successfully complete the shifts, you will also earn points. You will also gain access the process of paying assignments better. The payments for this job are done through PayPal accounts and it is being paid not more than 48 hours.


Just like other apps, you have to download it and fill out the profile with all the necessary information needed like your name, gender, birthday, address, employment status and more. After this, you will the contacted thru push notifications, email or phone to participate on surveys which are matched with your profile. The process of paying is through reward points wherein you will be able to redeem it for gift cards or into cash in your PayPal account.


This app can be downloaded by those with Apple and Android devices (tablets are included). You can make use of your mobile to log in the hours you spent for watching TV and you will be paid. If you will sign in to Viggle the audio will be recorded and the TV show you watched will be easily identified. Points are given if every day, you have spent 12 hours of watching TV. The users will earn points through interacting with the TV trends like answering trivia questions, using social media, voting to polls and encouraging new customers.

These are just few of the apps that will enable you to make money with the use of your phone. Your phone will not only serve as a medium of communication and a device for entertainment because you can now use it to make money. While you are entertaining yourself, playing games and enjoying the world of social media, you can now earn points that can be redeemed into gift cards or even cash. Through downloading and signing in on one of the mentioned apps, you can now earn money without any effort exerted. You will just keep track of the applications that will not eat all your money but will enable you to earn.

Your phone will surely be helpful and useful for you especially in earning money. You will be able to earn cash through downloading the new apps. The only thing that you need to make sure is the device that you are using should be iPhone, Android or smartphones which can be used for these apps. With these apps, you are rest assured that your pocket will not lose larger amount as you are continuously earning. Your phone will not only look like a device but will also serve as your means of making money.

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