Back to the Future, What's Next in Mobile Phone Platforms

Back to the Future, What's Next in Mobile Phone Platforms
By Sarvjit Rangra / September 18, 2017

Mobile phone is now a necessity to every individual. Sometimes this gadget becomes the most loved possession by people due to satisfaction they get out of it. As a result, mobile companies keep on finding ways to suffice the need of people when it comes to usefulness of mobile phones to individual.

The advancement of mobile phone platforms is irresistibly undeniable. That is why many people wanted to be updated on what are the trends in mobile phone platforms. So there are companies that are working in mobile processors for the coming generation to cater the demand of changing world.

Here below are the next in line mobile platforms that people will love to have. Check these things out in order for you to get updated in the world of mobile phones:

4K video recording

It has the capability of high-def shooting that is set to a greater high-end high set. It has a built-in 4K video encoder processor. This allows the manufacturers of building technology in their headsets. Until you will have the 4K display on smartphone, people will stuck in hooking this up in expensively incredible 4K TV. This is to show off for a handy work.

4K Displays

This will help discern the offerings of full HD that people are enjoying right now.

360 Video Recording

This will be a cool feature to be presented in the future of mobile phone technology. It allows of taking 360 degree in video recording. This kind of recording uses external device that works in the same way as 360 lenses of panorama camera.

Through this feature, capturing a video in an Ultra HD of the entire front and back surrounds, right and left is possible simultaneously. During a playback, people will obviously see only one angle on the screen. However, you may still tilt this device upon playing this. You can also use finger in scrolling around the video. It will be possible as you like to achieve 360 degree photo in order to view an all-around screen.

This new processor of technology gives a constant rendering of varied angles. There are no lags expected during demo. Instead of moving the device around in pointing separately everyone, the entire people in the video will be recorded continuously. This will allow you of visiting anyone at anytime as you watch it back.

Multiple Microphones

4K video recording is really and works well but this can be spoilt due to the quality of sound. This is because of the current thing you get upon recording on the present crop of mobile phones.

There are already companies of this industry that make progress to achieve this innovation. Multiple microphones can help improve the capture of audio. Future mobile phones embedded with multiple microphones result for the immersive experience in audio. This can playback for 5.1 surrounds kind of sound.

New Tricks in Cameras

Many companies are working on mobile phone’s camera for the coming generation. UbiFocus is bringing an in depth control in the field of phone users. The UbiFocus allows the people in selecting the focus after you have taken the picture. This will give people the option of focusing on the object in a foreground, somewhere in between, and something in background.

The capacity of mobile phones of having in-depth perception will able to lead in greater advancements. This technological improvement can prove its usefulness as much as controlling of gesture is concern for future use.

Less power consumption but more performance

Mobile platforms will keep on getting faster and will become more powerful as handset manufacturers and chip makers when batter life issues will be tackled.

Power consumption will be improved greatly while the entire tasks on phones will be tuned. The use of correct amount of power and an optimum level of cores for each in proper time.

This is described by some companies as the next great challenge in mobile phones.

Immersive gameplay

Recorded audio will not only be boosted in the future in mobile platforms but also the gameplay. This will set benefit in the surrounded capabilities of sound. It will be possible thru making this available for the app developers.

This will give way for the development of attaching audio in varied options. It results in giving of sound positions in every game. When the object moves the audio will move also.

Phone manufacturers will contribute in equipping the devices of having better internal speaker. This will also be possible thru external speakers and headphones.

AI or Artificial Intelligence will find its ways in the smartest of smart devices. For the coming revolutionary advancements, there will be more engaging, intuitive apps that will captivate the interface of users. It will not only give improvement in terms of the effectiveness of the system. It can help in boosting the user’s productivity. This helps in incorporation of the fusion in censoring information across sensor networks, information camera, speech that emphasizes object recognition and AI engine.

There will be higher processing of power with high quality of algorithms. This can handle varied aspects in terms of processing image. It includes WDR and HDR processing, gesture processing, high density pixel processing, HDR and TOF sensors. There will be multi-core of architecture based that provides necessary capacity in video acceleration and image processing. Tracking algorithms and feature recognition is also an expectation.

Multi-core 2D/3D as well as multi-core CPUs graphics accelerator will be enjoyed by people in the next generation. The next generation computing architectures will have the combination of hybrid systems. It includes the multi-core architecture and heterogeneous multi-processing.

The most competitive mobile phone platforms that people will surely enjoy is the combination of application processor, cellular modem and countless of intelligent accelerators or engines hardware.

The above facts are simply the manifestation of how the platforms in mobile phones will evolve in the coming years. It is clear that the systematic end of the user application trends will become more crucial. This simply defines the future platform of mobile phones that will shock the people.

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