Apple iPad Vs Samsung Tab: Which Should I Buy?

Apple iPad Vs Samsung Tab: Which Should I Buy?
By Sarvjit Rangra / September 18, 2017

Anyone around the IT world understands that Apple iPad is the best tablet that you can have. The technology it features is considered the best and latest ones in the industry. But it doesn’t mean that it is the only good tablet to choose from. Many other tablet manufacturers have released and announced similar tablet like Apple iPad. Some of the tablet manufacturers have promised to offer something beyond from Apple iPad that made the Apple’s title be stripped from them. Nowadays, the competition in the industry still continues from the grand title of "Best Tablet" and soon it will surely be claimed by one of them.

Today, one of the most qualified in the title is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. There are other qualified tablet but the Samsung Tab is definitely the nearest to compete with Apple iPad. Let’s compare these two tablets- their display, specifications and their overall features. This is a battle between an Apple iPad versus Samsung Tab.

The Samsung has recorded all the criticisms in regards with Apple iPad and sought all of it to improve their tablet and to completely evade those kinds of weaknesses. Samsung Tab was once said as only an alternative to Apple iPad but nowadays, can’t possible say that with clear conscience. Samsung Tab is clearly one of the candidates in the best tablet title and some of its features is now considered as a leverage in Apple iPad.

Specification comparison

The Samsung Tab features a 7" multi-touch screen capacity with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, while on the Apple iPad, it has 9.7” identical screen and resolution that comes with IPS panel because of this panel we can clearly tell that Apple iPad has the major advantage. However, the Samsung Tab also has a feature like the increased portability that makes the aspect ratio of 4:3 in which when viewed in Apple iPad give a very bad experience. The Samsung Tab also has glossy finish which made it not sunlight friendly. To make it simple and to summarize the screen and resolution comparison, Samsung Tab has won this area.

CPU and RAM (Random Access Memory) comparison

Both of the tablets have a Central Processing Unit (CPU) of 1GHZ. The Apple iPad have features like the A4 processor which is an integrated GPU and compared to the Samsung Tab that has the A8 Hummingbird, featuring the Power VR SGX540 GPU. To bring it in simpler words, both of them has the same processor speed. In terms of their RAM (Random Access Memory), Samsung Tab has the upper hand. It has twice the RAM to Apple iPad. The Samsung Tab has a 512 MB RAM while the Apple iPad has 256 MB RAM. The CPU and RAM comparison goes for the Samsung Tab.

Size and Weight Comparison

When talking about the tablet weight, Samsung Tab is much lighter. It features 0.84 pounds in weight while the Apple iPad has 1.6 pounds. The Samsung Tab has the upper hand when considering about the tablet’s weight and Samsung Tab has still the major advantage because of its size. It much convenient to bring during travels because it is smaller. Because of this features, the Samsung tab has won this field of comparison.

Connectivity Comparison

Samsung Tab connects to everything, from GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth. In the other hand, Apple iPad only connects to Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth version of 2.1. But nowadays, you can upgrade you Apple iPad to get those following features offered by the Samsung Tab. Regardless of the upper feature of Samsung Tab and because of the upgrade ability of Apple iPad, made them to tie in this comparison. It is a fact, nowadays, because of the rapidly improving technology, connection to anything has become possible.

Expandable Storage comparison

The Samsung Tab has several options for their internal storage. It supports up to 32 GB expandable storage while the Apple iPad has only limited internal storage or space. This comparison gives another point for Samsung Tab because of its wider data storage.

Software comparison

When talking about the tablets software, the Android 2.2 of Samsung Tab operating system has the major advantage because it features support for flash players, multi-tasking and unlimited access to all applications. The Apple iPad is very notorious in censoring those materials for safety reasons.

Camera comparison

Apple iPad have no cameras while Samsung Tab has offered us two cameras. The front camera has 1.3 megapixel enough for video chatting and the rear camera, 3.2 megapixel for better image or picture quality. This makes an obvious point for Samsung Tab.

Telephony of videos

The 7 inches screen of Samsung Tab is surely enough to make a quality video conference call. It will give you a greater experience and efficiency in the capability to communicate using the video call. Samsung Tab give a greater depth and perception in the communication while on the other hand, Apple iPad cannot since just merely a tablet.

Video Playback

Samsung Tab lasts for only 7 hours of video playback and Apple iPad can last for 10 hours of video playback. If you are a video fanatic, you better choose the Apple iPad for this points is for them

Application and other features

You can install a lot of custom-made application on Samsung Tab and you can get and download it from android play stores. With the Apple iPad, you are offered the famous application store whenever you wish.

Which one should I buy? The Samsung Tab or the Apple? Normally, if you want to enjoy beyond features of Apple iPad, you should choose the Samsung Tab. Samsung Tab has definitely surpassed some of the Apple iPad features and offers even more. The Samsung Tab should be the one that you should buy because of its unlimited access to different application and its expandable storage size. But this matter will all depends on your preferences. If you preferred the exclusive applications offered by the Apple iPad, then go for Apple iPad. But when you want to explore more and have an access to different application, then choose the Samsung Tab.

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