12 Facts about Mobile Phones

12 Facts about Mobile Phones
By Sarvjit Rangra / September 18, 2017

Mobile phone is one of the most popular devices in the world today. Every year, there are latest models of phones that you can see on the malls and other shopping establishments. The big companies are doing their inventions even further to come up with new features and designs. Because of this device, we are able to communicate with other people, know the current events in the country, inform about the climate and weather and give entertainment.

As a matter of fact, we can’t probably live without mobile phone, right? Everyone has their phones right now. Different brands, different models, different features. There are lots of people are getting obsessed just to have a new model that was currently release last year. But whatever your phone is, there things that you know about mobile phones. That is true! And you might be surprised about the facts that you don’t know.

There are lots of facts that are discovered over a period of time. Some humor facts about phones are true, some are not. In this article, you will definitely know the true facts! The following facts are in random and contain serious and funny facts. Let’s begin!

Here are the facts about mobile phones. Better control your facial expression because you might be a victim of stolen shots!

1 - Mobile phones have eighteen times more bacteria than toilet handles.

Whether you always clean your mobile phone, you can change the truth. Just like money, mobile phone is one of the dirtiest materials in the planet. Better wash your hands before you eat with your bear hands!

2 - Mobile phone radiation is one of the causes of confusion, headaches and insomnia.

Oh yes! Do you feel headache right now? Better consider your phone as headache contributor. Most of the cases of this situation are the excessive use of it. Try to rest on using phone from time to time. Excessive use of anything can lead to bad things.

3 - The scientists have developed a way of using urine as mobile phone energy chargers.

When they finalized that invention, prepare on drinking plenty of water. Your pee has a greater use than you’ve ever imagined! Moreover, we can save more energy. How cool is that? No more worries for high electricity bills. Unfortunately, say hello to your bad smelling phone!

4 - More people in the worlds have mobile phones than toilets.

Which is more worth-investing, building a toilet as one of your basic needs or buying phones for personal satisfaction? Even you answer the first one, for many people, it is buying mobile phone! Yes! Why people think this way? Just wondering…

5 - Seventy percent of mobile phones are manufactured in china.

Oh! It’s not made from China! Are you sure about that? Hmmmmm.  No one is going to believe you! There is a big change that even your original smart phones are made from china. But don’t worry; there is nothing bad about it.

6 - There are four million of people in the world who have mobile phones while 3.5 million people have toothbrush.

When the last time that your mother told you that toothbrush is more important than anything else? Now, mobile phones are more important! Others think that having a phone rather than having a toothbrush is cool. LOL! Your grandma will be shocked about this fact for sure!

7 - The Sonia XP3300 Force is recognized as the toughest phone in the world so far according to the Guinness World Records. The said phone survived 84 ft drop without getting any damage.

Always drop your phone? Don’t worry! That phone is very suitable for you! You will definitely love to throw it anytime, anywhere you want! Just make sure you are not doing it very often!

8 - You can actually shut down your PC via SMS.

Perfect for pranks out there! Make your friend feel terrified when he thinks that his PC is already damaged. But warning, it is so addictive! Keeping it secret is the best part of it. Just prevent those prank spoilers out there.

9 - Nokia's primary business is paper.

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of phones, Nokia, is definitely started in making mobile phones. After making papers, they innovate on making rubber products, telegraph wires, and many electrical wires. Their first release of mobiles phone was in the year 1980.

10 - The most expensive mobile phone is iPhone 4 Diamond rose which costs $ 7 850 000.

Oh yes! Don’t be shocked. This phone contains 500 diamonds with a total of 100 carats! The back portion of the phone is made of rose gold and the apple logo composed if 53 diamonds. There are only two of this kind of phone have been made. If you want one, talk to Apple and request for the especial version of their latest iPhone 6. Show it to your friends and make them feel wow! Unless you can afford the price.

11 - Philippines is considered as the texting capital in the world.

This country ranked number one for the past fifteen years. The country sent messages about 1.4 billion text every day!

12 - The world’s best selling phone is Nokia 1100.

If you had this unit, you are definitely in! Over two hundred fifty million units of this had been sold last 2003. Well, it is very reliable and affordable during those times.

Now that you already know the facts that you did not know about mobile phones, are you getting for more facts in the future? Having a mobile phone is one of the most important things today. It is the key for most of communication processes on present days. These facts, although some of them are funny, it is very important that we have a knowledge regarding this matter.

Phone, phone, phone! Who can live without it? It has been already part of our daily routine, to use phones on every activity, to send messages, to call on your love ones and to entertain us. Mobile phone is a great invention. It must be used in a proper way.

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