10 Things You Should Know About Your Cellphone

10 Things You Should Know About Your Cellphone
By Sarvjit Rangra / September 18, 2017

Nowadays, cellphones are usually termed as smartphones. Smartphones are basically a small sized computer that is full of features which can make our life easier. However, are you really familiar with your own smartphone? Most the smartphones have features that are less noticeable compared to others. This discussion will familiarize the 10 things you should know about your cellphone.

#1 Changing the launcher in your smartphones

Almost all the smartphone manufacturers cover the Android using its usual and own interface. The manufacturer spend a lot of time just to make sure that the launcher is perfect and they try to improve the interface to stand out from the competition. Still, they cannot please everyone in this matter even with their best effort given. Features seem to be lacking and things don’t feel and look right.

Fortunately, the smartphone manufacturers are not the only ones who can create or develop a launcher for android phone. Many of the third parties have released their creations in Google Play that allowed many smartphone users to download and replace their existing launcher.

Just search launcher in Google App Store and it will turn up to many. Some of the launchers offers you powerful tools for further customization and adds some transition effects to your home screen. You can also try the 3D launcher which will give you 3D effects to your icons in your screen.

#2 You can control and access other devices using you infrared

Some of the smartphones and android phones are equipped with infrared which can enable you to control anything that responds to it. You can possibly find that your smartphone has an application that uses it hidden somewhere.
If your cellphone does not have a built-in infrared control, you can still available for downloading in Google Play Store.

#3 Your cellphone or smartphones can be used to identify songs

To identify songs using your smartphones, using the Shazam App or SoundHound App is basically the first thing that will come into your mind. But did you know that the Microsoft and Google have also created an identification tools for songs?

The Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 has an identification tool for song by simply tapping the search button on the phone while a song is playing. Also, the solution of Google for this is called as Sound Search. This is not usually built into the phones so you can download it from Play Store.

Those identification tools can take the form of widgets. If it is in widget form, you can simply tap on to identify the sound even without leaving the home screen.

#4 Make your android phone into a game console

Some android phones are extremely powerful but power alone is not enough for a best gaming experience. You should have a bigger screen and a suitable controller too. Luckily, those 3 things are now within your reach. The Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) is a means to connect the smart phones and all the portable electronic devices to your HD monitors and televisions. Using the one end MHL cable to connect on the USB port of your phone and the other end to HDMI port of the screen, you will be offered a better gaming experience.

This feature is not offered in all smartphone and android phones. If you found out that your phone supports this feature, you can buy an MHL cable from around 15 to 20 dollars.

#5 You can use your phone as levels

Almost all of the smartphones have an accelerometer. This is used to determine the orientation of the phone so that as for example the screen will automate when to rotate. This feature can also be used as spirit level. This is downloadable in app’s stores but already a feature in Apple iOS 7.

#6 Checking the humidity and temperature

Some of the smartphones usually don’t have this feature but this is one of the apps that you shouldn’t miss. This app measures the humidity and temperature of the environment and basically functional when measuring your comfortable level in your present setting. This may be an unusual feature but you’ll find in very interesting when you see the humidity and the temperature of your location. You’ll find this very useful when using this as a judge in a location whether is it good to start an exercise of not.

#7 Giving your smartphone a visual voicemail

When you don’t use or have this visual voicemail, it simply means you are missing out. This application is available in Google Play Stores such as the application called the HulloMail.

Your voicemail is displayed as a menu which allows you to play the message by just tapping it rather than listening to each message in order. It also has a feature like pause, rewind and fast forward of messages. It also allows the user to view the voicemail as text but the other features are not free.

#8 Using the volume buttons to skip the songs

You smartphone can also act as an MP3 player, but when your screen is shut off and it’s in your pocket it would be very hassle to pick it up just to skip or select other songs. However, by just changing a little in its setup, you can use your volume button to skip songs. This is achievable with the help of some related apps in Google Pay stores such as the application called Pocket Skip Track which will allow you to change or skip track by just pressing the volume button.

#9 Get the Nokia applications to your Windows Phone 8

One of the most impressive things about the Nokia Lumia is the range of selection that is only offered in them. The HERE Maps and the HERE Drive+ are the specific impressive sat-nav and mapping applications offered only in Nokia apps. Those two awesome applications are one of the amazing applications in Nokia apps and those are now available for Windows Phone 8.

#10 You can block your unwanted numbers

You will no longer have to suffer from unwanted and nuisance callers. Most of the smartphones have this ability to block numbers. You can simply access this by just tapping on the number and under the selection is block this caller.

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