Top 10 Must Have Phone Accessories

At this point in time a mobile phone plays a very significant role in the lives of many people, be it student, businessmen, kids or housewife. This allows them to relay the message fast and easily. Inform family members when there is an emergency situation. However, a lot of cell phone users at this point in time provide significance to cell phone accessories as well. A cell phone accessory is significant as it secures the phone, make it look more attractive and most of all keep safe. There are many phone accessories on hand today, however rather than spending money on them you could make your own accessories with office supplies. Below are a couple of accessories that phone users could make on their own.

Portable Speaker

Almost each cell phone has an MP3 player which allows you to listen to your favorite songs. Music in mobile phones can be heard through headphones or by means of a speaker. Now when you think the sound is not enough once you play music from your cell phone loudspeaker then you must not drain your money in purchasing an external speaker. External speakers are total waste of your money. Instead, you can save money and increase the quality of the sound of your cell phone through keeping your phone inside paper cup or cereal cup. Right away you will notice a remarkable disparity in the sound volume.

Portable Phone Stand

Normally we find mobile phone stands at each household. Cell phone stands today are on hand in the most unique styles, patterns and designs, as well as colors. The stands which are on hand in department stores or cell phone shops are expensive. Thus, if you like to save a huge amount of money you could make one of your own.  This is the best way to personalize your stuffs, you can make a cell phone stand using materials like chart paper, paper, cardboard and accentuate it in your own special way.

Screen Protector

Screen protectors are very effective not just for your touch screen phones, but also efficient for basic ones. Aside from screen protectors, users today use scratch resistant, waterproof protectors to their devices. On the other hand, this kind of cell phone protectors is not cheap. If you want to save money, you can utilize vinyl and cut it according to the dimension of your screen. Vinyl is extremely cheap and could be utilized as good and reliable as screen protector for all mobile phone devices.

USB Chargers

Phone battery normally drains once you utilize it too much. Once you don’t like to waste money through purchasing a USB charger for charging your cell phone then you can perhaps make one. You can use Altoids to make one. It makes use of AAA batteries which first ideally in the pocket. It also allows you to charge your battery during emergency situations. A solar powered type of charger can also be made for charging your phone without spending too much.

Headset with an Integrated Remote Control

Once you go to see each iPhone it comes with a pair of headphones with integrated remote control microphone. When you like them kind of headphone for your cell phone, then you will perhaps be planning to purchase one. When you like to avoid purchasing one, then you can join the existing remote microphone into the headphone or turn the remote controlled headphone into an adapter rather than ruining your headphones.

Touch Screen, Gloves

Once you stay in an area wherein the climate remains colds almost half of the year, then perhaps you will be using gloves to stay your hands warm. In which case, it turns out to be relatively hard to utilize a touch screen phone with gloves on. Never waste your money through purchasing a touch screen friendly glove if you can easily make one right at the comfort of your home using conductive threads. This type of glove will help you handle your touch screen phone with ease and without any discomfort.

Mini Charging Wires

If you’re looking out for mini charging wires for your mobile phone, then again, you do not need to purchase them. You could shorten your existing charging wire with wire stripper that will turn out to be a mini charger. The advantage of utilizing a mini charger wire is that it doesn’t get easily tangled not like the longer wires. Aside from that they are also comfortable and easy to carry and store.

Mobile Cases

Phone cases are important because they provide complete security to your phone. Rather than purchasing a costly case, mobile users could make one with the use of cloth, rubber and other materials. They could make a state of the art mobile case, according to the kind and the model of your home.


Touch screen phones normally have styluses and utilizing these for your phone enhances the quality of your device. Also, it turns out to be easy to operate touch screen cell phones with it.  Once you lose your stylus, you can utilize an alternative of that through making one with candy wrappers, pens, mechanical lead holders, sponges etc. Of course, this will allow you to save a huge amount of money that you will otherwise waste in purchasing a new one.

Car Docks

Phone users make it a point to stay their device in handy places while driving a car in order that they could easily answer calls while driving. They have car docks placed inside the car which hold the phone well. The phone holders are very costly. If you want to save money by purchasing an expensive car dock, you could make your own using some of your office supplies as the main materials. You have to be creative.

The aforementioned accessories are very important that every phone user could do with the use of simple office and home supplies. As a whole those who want to save money could take the idea listed and make the most of creative, fashionable accessory for their expensive phone without spending too much.