Things you need to remember once Mobile Phone is Lost or Stolen

People are very lucky to have mobile phones. The not-so-humble smart phones had become a great considerable part of their lives. Regardless if you’re a busy parent, a company CEO or asocial media enthusiast, that smartphone of yours is likely the most control centre along with the chaos. This allow you to manage and organize finances, stay connected with friends and family, keep you updated, share knowledge and skills globally, sell and purchase profits, make profits, meet new people, travel, take snapshots and a lot more.

Mobile phones these days are no longer for messaging or calls only (even if this is the main function of it) manufacturer have developed and continuously creating countless of unique features will make people addicted, comfortable, happy and satisfied.

Mobile phones now can hold emails, financial details, photos, contacts and more. But have you ever imagine what it feels like once that precious little thing of yours is lost or stolen? This could be the most distressing situation you could encounter. Today, mobile phones hardware is not the only things valuable to these criminals but even the data stored in your phone is worthy of the resale price in the "black market". Base on the 2011 consumer report, there are almost 3.1 million smart phones stolen in US area only. Due to this, what are the things you needed to understand and do once your phone is stolen?

Stolen Phones – Things you must do!

Mobile Security Application

If your phone holds a mobile security application, this can aid you once it’s lost or stolen, how? First, try locating, if you can’t still find it and you think that is was stolen, you are given two options: locking or wiping it out. This type of immediate response will give you a greater chance of finding it before suspending the service. This mobile security provides you a breathing room which you require to contact carriers or the police.

Lock Your Smart Phone Device

Most mobile security major feature is the "lock and wipe". This permits users to distantly lock the device to prevent or stop thieves in accessing all personal data inside it. This also allows you to post custom message to its home screen which could aid you in getting it once again. Once you have confirmed that the said device in gone, then this is the time for you to utilize the second option. You can remotely wipe out the smartphone to make sure that all personal and essential information will not be access by the wrong hands since this can be used against you.

Locate Device

There are mobile security apps available in the market today that allow you locate easily your lost or stolen phone through GPS. This is done by simply logging into an account using specified web browser then simply search for the location. Once device is located, simply provide the information to a police officer (unless it’s hiding under your couch cushions). Bear in mind that retrieving stolen gadgets from a suspect must be performed by an authority, done ever let yourself be involved. Wait until they find and return it to you.

Once Device Is Back – Make Sure To Stay Safe

Once the locator have provided you information about your devices whereabouts, its best rope in nearest possible law enforcement and never attempt to become a vigilant.

Tips to consider "whether or not" you hold a Mobile Security Application

Contact Service Provider

If your phone is stolen or lost and you do not have any mobile security app installed in the phone, the initial thing you needed to do is to contact the phone network provider. They are the one who will block the phone so that there will be no other people who can utilize it. This is very important especially when you are obligated to pay a monthly contract. Bear in mind that once the stolen or lost phone is not blocked, unauthorized individual may use the service and you will be the one liable paying for the amount. Most network provider allows user to suspend services and request online a newer SIM or simply by calling their customer support department.

Notify Law Enforcement

If your happens to be lost or stolen, it’s very essential for you to notify immediately the nearest police force since majority of insurance provider requires crime reference account for them to process any of your claims. If you’re utilizing you phone to bank or shop, you still need to report it to dispute every fraudulent charge made-on your credit or debit card accounts utilizing your stolen device. Once you reported it to the authorities, also make sure that you have provided them you phones IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity Number. This is obtained from your network, simply asked for it and they will surely provide you in a short while. If you do not want to contact the provider, this can also be found in your phones account setting page. This information will aid the police officers to track down and get back your lost or stolen phone.

Change PINs and Password

Based on the nationwide survey conducted by the consumer reports, 34 percent of Americans do not use a pass code in their mobile phone. If you happen to be one of them, then this is the right time for you to understand that importance of it. As much as possible, you need to change your PINs or passwords which are being stored in the phone, even the passwords of the apps which automatically log-ins when your launching the device to cut their access to your personal accounts and data's.

Even the username, PINS, passwords and other bank details must be wipe out. If this information is readily available in your phone, this also embraces you birthday, name, address and other importance information, you're in big trouble. This can be used by thieves to take advantage of your misfortune.