Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

In recent years, we have been made to expect more than a fair share of smartphones, with the most popular manufacturers rolling new flagships every other year. Something else that we have become accustomed to is the plastic Samsung smartphones backed by a lot of power but lacking in the design department. This was the case at least up until the last iteration, the Samsung Galaxy S5; however the latest smartphone to roll off their ever busy production line promises new things. Consumers will be treated to a change in build, performance and design. The wait is over, and this much-anticipated smartphone which is expected to change the landscape in the entire industry is now here. Let’s take a look at what is on hand for all the anxiously waiting smartphone enthusiasts.


In the past Samsung's Galaxy S series smartphones have always disappointed with the promise of appealing designs and builds but failing on their face with their plastic and rather cheap looking designs. This has been quite a perplexing issue given that in most cases, Samsung have had a quite accomplished team of designers at their disposal. However, this has changed with the new and very much improved Galaxy S6. The refined design and metal build have given the flagship a much needed breath of life which promises to shake up the market and offer users a great alternative. The metal and glass build is just what the brand needed to propel its flagship to the top of the premium class of devices.

Even with the change in the build, the Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a characteristic Samsung build. The front face of the phone retains the well-recognised Samsung layout. At the back, the camera and flash have been redesigned and are accentuated by a metallic build. However, the bottom edge is now home to the loudspeaker, a 3.5mm jack and the micro USB port. Other features retain their positioning and design.

Noticeable changes in the design include a non-removable battery and most noticeably the absence of a micro SD slot for memory expansion. You will have to buy a phone that satisfies your memory needs from the go.


The latest Samsung S series smartphone retains the 5.1 inch AMOLED display from its predecessor, which has become a favourite for most users for the deep and contrasting colours. However, the display gets a boost in the resolution department with a QHD screen with 577 pixels per inch. This is more than most of its competitors comes with. In exposed light using the phone is still possible especially in full brightness. Although you can still expect some level of screen glare, you will not experience too much interference. It is also important to note that with this HD screen touch response is also more sensitive and means that you will need to use lighter touches when issuing commands during phone use and playing games. All-in-all this screen is the clearest and most sensitive available just showing that Samsung really went all in with this phone.


For the Samsung Galaxy S6, the manufacturer chose to choose in-house designs to provide the high-performance specs. They chose their in-house designed Exynos 2.1Ghz quad core processor over the Qualcomm option. It comes with a 3GB RAM and a Mali T760 GPU; more than enough to run games and apps seamlessly. It is good to see that this time around, going with internally designed performance designs helped them enhance the performance of the smartphone as moving through the apps is seamless at all times. Playing games no longer comes with any slowdowns or shutdowns at any time. The GPU provides the necessary power to support the heaviest of games as smoothly as possible. However, you can expect the phone to get hot with gameplay, at times to unbearable levels but everything continues running.

Touchwiz is still maintained. Although this has been one of the aspects of Samsung smartphones that has been previously criticized a lot in the past, it has got some touch ups to make it better. It is now smoother, without the previously common slowdowns and stutters.


The Galaxy S6 as stated earlier does not come with a micro SD slot; this means that users will have to make a very good decision when it comes to choosing the available 32GB or 64GB or 128GB options. The speakers have been moved to the bottom end of the phone for better placement. Other features include the fingerprint scanner on the screen for security purposes, and a heart rate monitor positioned alongside the camera. The heart rate monitor also comes with a refined app for better performance.

Although with the phones higher performance levels the smaller 2550Amh non-removable battery seems incapable. It is able to keep it running and lasts as the Galaxy S5s battery. No improvement there it seems.

The phone comes with a 16MP rear-facing camera and a 5MP front-facing camera. Both have f/1.9 aperture for better quality photos in the limited light conditions. This also enables users to use adjust shooting focus in the pro mode.


The Galaxy S6 is powered by Lollipop 5.0 which gives it some distinct features that users will appreciate. However, when speaking about software, it is important to note that Touchwiz comes with some useful trimming of its own. The settings menu has been trimmed to offer less clutter while the rather annoying sounds on previous versions are now also noticeably absent. There are other themes available for users who would like to change the default Touchwiz display according to your preference.

Another great software feature available on the Galaxy S is the ability to multiple windows. This enables the user have a small window of apps that support the card display on Lollipop 5.0.

All-in-all, the Galaxy S6, comes with some welcome changes including the smoothest version of Touchwiz available. Design refinements also means that those who have been crying out for a premium design now have their wish granted. This is a well-rounded smartphone that definitely gets Samsung back in the mix.