Samsung Galaxy A7 Review

Before the year ends, the public was surprised as one of the leading smartphone companies introduced their newest and upgraded Samsung Galaxy A7. Samsung Company considered this newest unit as the slimmest smartphone they can offer to the millions of people who are avid fans of new inventions. Galaxy A7 is the response to the extreme competition in the world of smartphones. It is upgraded with the higher-resolution both in front and back cameras. In addition, it is built in with the slimmest 6.3 millimeters and designed with metalized frame, which makes this device more rigid. It weighs about 35 grams lighter than the previous Samsung Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy A7 is still powered with the super features that other Samsung units has. It has a 5.5 inches big screen designed with super AMOLED and comes with approximately 1080p resolution. It is perfectly crafted to do more selfies with its 13 megapixel main and 5 megapixel front camera.

Special Features

This slim Samsung Galaxy A7 comes with single and dual SIM units and equipped with LTE feature. It is integrated with Android 4.4 KitKat application and TouchWiz as the phone’s theme support. Samsung A7 is now more improved with its 64-bit bandwagon which comes with Adreno 405 graphics processing unit (GPU) and Qualcomm’s Octa-core Snapdragon 615. Another favorable specification that A7 is built in is its 2 gigabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM) in order to power up its gargantuan display. This slim phone is specifically designed with 16 gigabytes storage capacity that can support microSD that stores of up to 65 gigabytes.

The best thing about this phone is you are worry-free from lagging, as it is designed with 108op display. It comes with a bright resolution as it is powered by AMOLED screen. You have the option to cancel active noise by its dedicated mic design. Apart from taking photos, this smartphone is a perfect use for video recording. With the installation of 13 megapixel camera, it has good video recording capacity. In addition, its 1080p contributes to the good quality videos.

This Samsung Galaxy A7 seems to be an ideal option for smartphones which comes with special design and features. Another highlight for this model is its interesting handy size, which has approximate measurements of about 151 by 76.2 by 6.3 mm. It might not too small in size, but notably thinner and lighter than any other Samsung items.

This slim phone can offer its several sensor features such as, proximity, accelerometer and compass. It can also provide smooth web browsing with its HTML5 specification. Another special feature that A7 built in is its Java emulator that has access to other specifications such as, photo and video editor, document viewer, mp3 and mp4 player.

Looking for smartphone that is built in with quick loading apps and multi-tasking capacity, this Samsung Galaxy A7 is a better choice. For several years, Samsung has been noted as one of the leading smartphones’ distributors. This is because of their guaranteed specifications that prove quality performance that most smartphones can offer.


Nowadays, smartphones play an important role in every day’s capturing photos activity. Aside from digital camera, Samsung Galaxy A7 has upgraded with special camera resolutions. It has Autofocus feature and LED flash for good quality images. It has also touch focus, panorama, geo-tagging, face detection and HDR in order to have more exciting photo editing activities.

There are some reviews claiming how capacitive the camera is. It has the capacity to provide decent-type photos. It comes with editing applications in order to enhance the subject in the picture.


One of the primary questions before purchasing any smartphone unit is the battery life. And, this is where A7 wants to emphasize. Samsung Galaxy A7 is designed with 2,600Mah battery life that previous Samsung units has. Dividing its 83 hour battery capacity of A7, it shows the following:

  • An estimated 25 hours and 12 minutes for call time
  • 9 hours and 30 minutes for internet browsing
  • 9 hours and 58 minutes video playing

Like with other common smartphones, A7 comes with non-removable battery which is mainly made from Li-ion.


Samsung A7 is now one of the most chosen smartphones for several noted advantages that can offer to every purchaser. Here are some of the Pros that can be counted in with Samsung Galaxy A7.

  • Affordable price - Everyone looks for something useful but achievable and this is what Samsung A7 can propose. With no exact price, this phone costs only within $500-$600. Compare with other acclaimed phones, this is quite cheaper while it can provide special specifications and features that others have.
  • Privacy mode - This phone is designed with security setting called as private mode. It gives the use the opportunity to lock confidential documents which are saved in your phone.
  • Quality photos - Another pride that Samsung Galaxy A7 can offer is its 5MP front camera with several enticing features, including Automatic Selfie Setting and Wide shot mode. It is also built-in with voice command feature while taking photos. Its rear-facing camera comes with 13MP that is integrated with auto and LED flash.
  • SD card supported - It has SD card compatibility that has a storage capacity of up to 16 gigabytes.
  • Slimmer size - It is a great handy phone anywhere you go.


There is no perfectly crafted product, like with other ideal smartphones and devices, Samsung Galaxy A7 also have cons. Some of these are the following:

  • Irremovable Battery - Once the battery is damaged, it will no longer be usable since there is no way to remove and change its battery.
  • No heavy gaming - This phone cannot accommodate for those game addicts. Unfortunately, it cannot be used for heavy gaming because it might affect to the loading system of other primary applications.
  • Not Lollipop upgraded - It is humbly revealed by the company that this slim phone is not yet upgraded with the latest Lollipop android system, which mainly used for more improved performance of applications.


With its LTE feature, android 4.4 KitKat, Qualcomm’s Octa-core Snapdragon 615 processor and High SD card storage capacity, this A7 only proves that it has the capacity to offer those awesome and exciting performances that other smartphones can. Despite of extreme competition and confusion in phones and latest gadgets industry, Samsung Galaxy A7 is one of the best options that buyers can consider in planning to buy new smartphone.