Motorola Moto E (2015) Review

To get a sense of what is happening in the smartphones' real innovation; you will need to look into the high-end flagships through cheap stuffs. With the new Moto E, the company of Motorola had created this budget smartphone that is also compelling. Comparing with the last year's model, it has been made with some upgrades that make the phone more usable. The upgrades have included adding an LTE and an internal storage of 8GB that is twice as much as the previous model.

Motorola Moto E Design

Just like all the Motorola phones, the Moto E is featuring a curved back completed with the "M" sign of Motorola below the camera that makes it ergonomic. The plastics that are so soft to touch stretches through the removable casing with the 12.3 millimeter thick and 145 grams shell oozing solidity and making the Moto E feel like it was built to last. Other factors include the water resisting coating and the Gorilla Glass 3-coated screen. You will also be having a handset that is destined to survive from any rough treatment.

The Moto E is installed as standard with Android 5 Lollipop. They also preinstalled a rather helpful migration app for Motorola making it easy and quick to get up and use. It is really pleasing to know that Motorola is not opting on bringing a Lollipop bloated version for the Moto E. The Motorola’s installed apps are very useful genuinely not including some unnecessary apps which will be making your phone run slower.

There are applications from Moto that helps you learn how to use your phone letting you set notification frequency adjustments automatically based from the time of day. It is also providing a notification system related to the AcDisplay app which is very useful. It turns on the screen showing you if there are new notifications. It may not be always ideal, but it will be the only way in knowing your notification since the Moto E doesn’t have a notification light.

Also, the camera app of Motorola has been customized. You will only have to flick your wrist then the app will spring to life in a few seconds.  With that, you will be able to tap the screen anywhere in taking a photo. In activating a quick shot mode, you will only have to hold it, zoom it in and out by dragging your finger. You can bring up a radial menu by swiping it in from the left. It is very easy to follow for Moto E is made simple enough to operate, thus making it user-friendly.

Motorola Moto E Specifications

The internal of Motorola Moto E has been turbo-charged with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 (from the previous model) gone. Now, what sits there is the 1.2GHz Snapdragon 410 Quad-core processor and a 1GB RAM. For a budget handset, it is a very much capable combination which has done a grand job of keeping the Android Lollipop get the glossy feeling and responsive.

Nowadays, as typically looking for budget handsets, you will realize that an internal storage of 8GB is a rather great deal for only 5GB is usually being usable. Moreover, the Moto E supports an external storage expandable up to 32GB via microSD. Also, if you are wise with automatic backups on Google, you won’t need it for much more than over-spilling on videos and apps.

Display and Camera of Motorola Moto E

From the previous model of Moto E having 4.5 inches display, the new model has increased by 0.2 inches, but the resolution of 540x960 has retained. Also, the pixel density has dropped off to 245ppi. The IPS screen of Moto E is not as bright as its equivalents, with hitting 330cd/m2 maximum in their tests. However, the 1,488 : 1 contrast ratio is great.

Motorola Moto E has 5-megapixel rear shooter that performs just fine in daylight as well as in bright indoor scenes, though it will be useless in low light. In decent lighting, the camera of Moto E is delivering usable shots. If you have experienced using the previous model you will be seeing the improvement in the overall quality of the photo. And you can finally record a video with high definition with 720p.

Performance and Battery Life

The overall performance of Moto E is just fine to accomplishing a single task such as navigating into YouTube and video watching, browsing music or scrolling web pages. However, as soon as you browse on twitter of Google Play downloads, it started to slow down. But then the most impressive from the Moto E is that it is much faster than the previous model. What benefits from having a slightly slow performance is the great battery life which everyone is dreaming to have in their phone.

The Moto E can manage to last around 10.5 hours which includes looping a high definition video with half the brightness of the screen until it dies. It has been a huge jump over from the original Moto E which hung for 5 minutes. If you are going to browse websites, run a bit of 3D games as well as playing media, your battery life will still last for over 7 hours which is very much unusual for an Android phone. Everyone is looking for an Android phone that does not easily battery emptied. Moreover, if you do not use your phone very often, it will last for over two days which is really good for businessmen who are always travelling since they have no time to keep their phone full all the time.

Bottom Line

With a fast quad-core processor, the 3G or 4G LTE, and the latest version of Android OS which is the Android 5 Lollipop, not to include the battery life lasting for a full day or two, you will be getting the Motorola Moto E with such an affordable price. With the great features and improvements from the previous version of Moto E, you can be satisfied using your Android phone that has a long battery life that grants what everyone is looking for.