HTC One M9 Review

What are the features that you look for in purchasing a device? A wise purchaser will definitely look for special features. It is the same as when you are planning to buy a smartphone. With various companies offering their own product, finding the best is now quite difficult. Yes, it can be difficult but don’t let it bother you too much. It is because today is the chance for you to be able to know one of the best HTC smartphones. You can find all of it here in HTC One M9 Review.

Getting to know HTC One M9

It is the successor to the successful One M8. It is already given that there will be comparisons with the previous and the present model and of course, to other popular smartphone brands. But HTC has taken its new phone to the next level. It finally paved way to its evolution. The screen and design can still be called a “look back” to the previous one. Although there are similarities, HTC re-engineered things to give a great user experience.

The Key Features

Its features will surely give you the top reasons to love it, most especially in everyday use. Its key features will never let you down as these are all created and grouped together to come up with an amazing smartphone for modern users. The model comes in various gun metal colors such as pink, gold and silver.

To know more about this state of the art HTC phone, below are the key features of the One M9:

  • Design - Just what it was being mentioned a while ago, there are already many people who are saying about the similarities of One M8 the previous model. Well, at first you really can say that it is just the same but wait till you have it in your hands. With its weight of 157 grams, its sleek design will truly give you the feeling that the phone that you are holding is simply a complete smartphone model coming only from HTC One M9.
  • Display - One M9 gives a unique touchscreen experience with its capacitive touchscreen type. It has five inches 1080 by 1920 pixels of the best LCD screen size. So there is a lot wider space to touch and swipe for functionalities.
  • Sensors - This smartphone has various sensors to enable you to do more. It has Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor and Magnetometer are simply the great sensors to expect from this phone. Each of these sensors is sure to give you the functional that is simply unique and fun.
  • Connectivity - HTC One M9 says that connecting to family and friends is already made fast and easy. Wi-Fi, HDMI, Infrared, NFC and others are sure to be compatible with your phone’s wireless connectivity.
  • Camera - this is totally great news for all the people who love to have selfies. It is because One M9 has 4 Megapixel Ultrapixel front camera. Its rear camera will never be last in this great list because it is powered with 20 megapixel. With this you are sure to capture moments with high quality.
  • Speakers - This HTC One M9 is truly music to your ears. It is because there will never be a barrier to stop you from listening your favourite music. One M9 has BoomSound speakers with impressive Dolby Surround.
  • Storage - If you want to store for more, HTC One M9 says you are sure to have it all. This smartphone has 32GB onboard storage. It also comes with micro SD slot to extend more fun. It has processor make called Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 that you should know for more of its capabilities for your phone.
  • Software - This smartphone is powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop. To power it up, its software suite Sense 7 promises to give its user great interface plus incorporates features for best smartphone experience.

These are the key features that you should really watch out coming from the newest smartphone. These are just the key features and there are so many to expect from it. By merely reading all these features, you can already expect that you will have a great time using this phone.

What everyone loves in HTC One M9

  • It provides quick charging to never stop the fun.
  • It has quality top-tier build.
  • It provides better front camera for best selfies.
  • It is lightweight and quality designed.
  • It has DotView cover that is configurable for perfect headlines.
  • It has the best speakers for quality music.
  • It has a reliable and speed processor.
  • It has responsive Sense 7 software.
  • It offers risk free 1 year replacement program.


Before giving the final say to this product, as part of every review like, cons are already given. Well, it is inevitable because the world is already competitive. It may be about the design, the price and features that it offers inside. HTC had made it to the point that they will give a new look to their new flagship. Given with all of those features, it is no longer surprising to know that there is growing popularity for it. Well, maybe people have finally found out what were the other great things in this newest smartphone.

There is nothing wrong for someone to be hip with what is in like having the newest device. If you have the means, juts go on because there is no one that will stop you. You have only one life to live so if this one thing will make you happy, grab it. Just like what HTC's newest smartphone will say, juts let them stare and be happy. For the hip and truly spend connections, HTC One M9 has all the best answers.