Best iPhone 6 Cases to Select From

The iPhone has come to keep as far as Smartphones are concerned in this modern time of state of the art cell phone technology. Apple Company has successes in making a series of its phone brand, and the most current one is iPhone 6. IPhone 6 is indeed a very expensive phone at this point in time. It comes with many state of the art features and lavish and trendy design; no doubt a lot of people from all corners of the globe are craving to have this. Those who are lucky enough or those who can afford to have this one, it is very important to handle it with care. Though it was made of high quality materials, still it is prone to scratches or breakage. So what is the best way to keep your iPhone 6 safe? This is through using iPhone 6 cases.

There are lots of kinds of iPhone cases on hand on the market today and most of these are for sale. These cases could prolong the life of your costly investment. The cost of the iPhone is without a doubt very steep and with that worth you need to be capable of using it for a long span of time. You need to invest in a protections casing in order to keep your iPhone 6 safe and sound.

The different kinds of luxury case for the iPhone 6 cases to choose from. The cheapest case you could avail is about 10 dollars. It could go up until a few hundred dollars; it depends on the style, materials of the casing.  Some iPhone 6 comes with Swarovski crystals in it, some are plain silicone, while some are 100 percent rubber. So it's really up to you on what iPhone 6 case you want or prefer. The cost of the iPhone 6 casing is a combination of style and function.


Usually this is a thin silicone or plastic phone case which covers the entire unit to get rid of from scratches and chips. This type of iPhone casing upholds the sleekness of the phone as it is not at all big and bulky. On the other hand, that is all it can do. You have to be extra careful not to drop it.

Are you familiar with the Naked by Slickraps for iPhone? If not, it is completed of military grade TPU and costs about 18 dollars. Ultra Violet resistant as well as bubble free, this iPhone case was made in order to survive the impact.  Skin is a good type of iPhone 6 case you can consider.


If you want an iPhone case that is hard, shell is the best option. It is transparent if without prints or blings and covers the sides and back of your iPhone 6. It's not as tough as a full proof iPhone 6 casing. On the other hand it could do the task. It has the propensity to break over time, however at least your phone is safe and intact.
Incipio DualPro is hard shell iPhone 6 casing that can be purchased for 29 dollars. It is a also a dual piece interlocking tool for utmost impact security. On the other hand, it’s a sleek case, opposing to other two piece

iPhone 6 casing

Pouch or Wallet

A lot of people choose to place their iPhone 6 in a wallet or pouch. A pouch casing is normally hung in the neck for fast and simple access; however there is a sleeve like case at hand as well.  This is ideal for people who aren’t choosy on the style and design. The wallet iPhone 6 case on the other hand works both wallet and a holder at the same time. It comes with bill and card slots. Ladies are more likely to utilize this kind of case than boys. The only drawback of using this case is that the user needs to take the device out each time she likes to utilize it.
One popular design is the Versus Sliding Wallet case which is chic to the metal. At 22 dollars, your iPhone 6 is safe and sound as a plus there is a room for the credit cards and money.  It is available in various exciting and fashionable colors like black, yellow, red, and silver as well as gold.

Outdoor or Sporty

Sporty or outdoor cases are ideal for people who are doing field work.  This is also ideal for sporty and athletic people who want their device handy during busy times or while training. You could be certain that this type of casing is tough and heavy duty, snow proof, water proof, crack proof as well as dust proof. On the other hand it is not a lavish case when it comes to appearance.

This kind of case is bulky however you are certain that your phone is 100 percent secured. One renowned sport case for iPhone 6 is the frA made by Lifeproof. It has the whole thing you want for the best securing of your expensive phone.


This type of case is stylish and elegant. A lot of businessmen and students like this kind of casing because it secures the iPhone well and the look is very fashionable. Apple Company has its own case made of leather that can be obtained for 45 dollars.


If you want to stand out from the rest, then designer or branded casing is the best case for you. Some of these are made of plastic, metal, rubber, faux leather as well as real leather. Depending on your mood you can change your casing anytime you want. Small and stylish shell casings are on hand made by Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs. Some wristlet/ wallet cases were made by Michael Kors. 

These are just some of the various kinds of iPhone casing on hand for the newest iPhone 6. You can select one that will fit your taste, personality and needs. Or you could purchase one each of the case listed above in order to match your mood.