• HTC One M9 Review
    What are the features that you look for in purchasing a device? A wise purchaser will definitely look for special features. It is the same as when you are planning to buy a smartphone. With various companies offering their own product, finding the best is now quite difficult. Yes, it can be difficult but don’t let it bother you too much. It is because today is the chance for you to be able to know one of the best HTC smartphones. You can find all of it here in HTC One M9 Review.
  • Sony Xperia E4 Review
    If you to be different from the other tech savvy and smart phone users that usually use iPhone, then the Sony Xperia might work for you. Today, Sony is considered as one of the top manufacturers of android phones in the industry. They are also popular not only because they are much affordable than iPhone but also, due to their high quality specs that their smartphone boast. Recently, Sony Xperia has released another amazing phone and they call it Sony Xperia E4.
  • Micromax Canvas Selfie Review
    The Micromax Canvas Selfie is a smartphone that is basically focused on delivering a rich camera experience by providing two cameras rated at 13MP each. Both the primary and secondary cameras offer the autofocus feature, and the phone has a dedicated image taking button placed on the right side. For the primary camera at the back of the phone, there are 2 LED flashlights while the secondary camera has a single LED flashlight. The high-quality cameras have a LARGAN lens and Sony sensor and are also armed with a number of different picture editing options.
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 Review
    Before the year ends, the public was surprised as one of the leading smartphone companies introduced their newest and upgraded Samsung Galaxy A7. Samsung Company considered this newest unit as the slimmest smartphone they can offer to the millions of people who are avid fans of new inventions. Galaxy A7 is the response to the extreme competition in the world of smartphones. It is upgraded with the higher-resolution both in front and back cameras.
  • Motorola Moto E (2015) Review
    To get a sense of what is happening in the smartphones' real innovation; you will need to look into the high-end flagships through cheap stuffs. With the new Moto E, the company of Motorola had created this budget smartphone that is also compelling. Comparing with the last year's model, it has been made with some upgrades that make the phone more usable. The upgrades have included adding an LTE and an internal storage of 8GB that is twice as much as the previous model.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Review
    In recent years, we have been made to expect more than a fair share of smartphones, with the most popular manufacturers rolling new flagships every other year. Something else that we have become accustomed to is the plastic Samsung smartphones backed by a lot of power but lacking in the design department. This was the case at least up until the last iteration, the Samsung Galaxy S5; however the latest smartphone to roll off their ever busy production line promises new things.