• Top 10 Must Have Phone Accessories
    At this point in time a mobile phone plays a very significant role in the lives of many people, be it student, businessmen, kids or housewife. This allows them to relay the message fast and easily. Inform family members when there is an emergency situation. However, a lot of cell phone users at this point in time provide significance to cell phone accessories as well. A cell phone accessory is significant as it secures the phone, make it look more attractive and most of all keep safe.
  • Best iPhone 6 Cases to Select From
    The iPhone has come to keep as far as Smartphones are concerned in this modern time of state of the art cell phone technology. Apple Company has successes in making a series of its phone brand, and the most current one is iPhone 6. IPhone 6 is indeed a very expensive phone at this point in time. It comes with many state of the art features and lavish and trendy design; no doubt a lot of people from all corners of the globe are craving to have this.
  • Control Everything with your Mobile Phone
    Before, most of us believe that mobile phones can be used only in communicating with other people. But now, the electronic systems of these fantastic gadgets have been upgraded into the next level to make sure that it will be very useful and reliable in the eyes of all its users as the time passes by. Right now, most of the available mobile phones in the market are no longer considered ordinary tools for global communication.
  • New Versions of Mobile Phones can do Everything for you
    Nobody in this world can deny the fact that the latest models of cell phones that are available in the mobile industry these days are already capable of providing a better quality of life to all individuals who want to have a more convenient way of living as the time passes by. Such inventions are equipped with innovative features that can provide maximum convenience and comfort in the daily living of all people who hate to suffer from the consequences of multi-tasking every day.
  • Things you need to remember once Mobile Phone is Lost or Stolen
    People are very lucky to have mobile phones. The not-so-humble smart phones had become a great considerable part of their lives. Regardless if you’re a busy parent, a company CEO or asocial media enthusiast, that smartphone of yours is likely the most control centre along with the chaos. This allow you to manage and organize finances, stay connected with friends and family, keep you updated, share knowledge and skills globally, sell and purchase profits, make profits, meet new people, travel, take snapshots and a lot more.
  • Mobile Phones – The Health Risks
    Mobile phone utilization is widespread. According to the estimated data as of 2011, almost 5 billion numbers of people use mobile phones all over the world. Expect that this number had doubled as of today. As technology innovates, mobile phones progressively and never stops providing new unique functionality and services to users. This device have provided countless of benefits to people; aside from easy and convenient communication, this allow people to browse the internet, share photos and videos, find a job, shop and a lot more.
  • 12 Facts about Mobile Phones
    Mobile phone is one of the most popular devices in the world today. Every year, there are latest models of phones that you can see on the malls and other shopping establishments. The big companies are doing their inventions even further to come up with new features and designs. Because of this device, we are able to communicate with other people, know the current events in the country, inform about the climate and weather and give entertainment.
  • How Cell Phone Jammer Works?
    At present, most people own a cell phone. It is a convenient way of staying in touch with friends and loved ones. But because of the increased use of cell phones, there are places that suffer because people don’t know when to stop using their phones. That’s why the cell phone jammer was invented. It allows the user to disrupt the signal going to and from the phone.
  • Back to the Future, What's Next in Mobile Phone Platforms
    Mobile phone is now a necessity to every individual. Sometimes this gadget becomes the most loved possession by people due to satisfaction they get out of it. As a result, mobile companies keep on finding ways to suffice the need of people when it comes to usefulness of mobile phones to individual.
  • Does Your Phone Make You Money?
    Have you once thought that your phone can make you money?  You might think that instead of earning money from your phone, you are spending much for it, for load, internet and more. There are instances that almost all your allowance is spent for your phone. Through the use of your phone, you can now watch video, films, and play games, chat with your family and friends and for you to such activities, you will be required to spend money right?
  • Do You Know the Reasons Busy Students Prefer Samsung Smartphones?
    The world today is really advancing as the technology advances. There is plethora of gadgets available that makes it overwhelming to choose the right one. Various companies are manufacturing and introducing different devices. Likewise, innovative ideas provided a new face to the mobile technology at the same time improved the consumer experience.
  • Apple iPad Vs Samsung Tab: Which Should I Buy?
    Anyone around the IT world understands that Apple iPad is the best tablet that you can have. The technology it features is considered the best and latest ones in the industry. But it doesn’t mean that it is the only good tablet to choose from. Many other tablet manufacturers have released and announced similar tablet like Apple iPad. Some of the tablet manufacturers have promised to offer something beyond from Apple iPad that made the Apple’s title be stripped from them.
  • 10 Things You Should Know About Your Cellphone
    Nowadays, cellphones are usually termed as smartphones. Smartphones are basically a small sized computer that is full of features which can make our life easier. However, are you really familiar with your own smartphone? Most the smartphones have features that are less noticeable compared to others. This discussion will familiarize the 10 things you should know about your cellphone.
  • Top 25 Apps for iPhone
    Iphone is one of the most popular smartphones today and this is one of the products of Apple Inc. This iPhone allows call merging, call holding, conferencing, caller ID as well as integration with various cellular networks and iPhone functions. For instance, if you are playing music and someone is calling, you can receive the call without the need to stop the music. It will automatically stop and it will be retrieved once the call has already ended.
  • Top 10 Apps for Android Phones
    Android phones have gained a lot of followers over the past few years, and they are considered to be one of the top competitors of Apple not just in terms of usage but in sales too. Mobile phones that run on Android are making their way into the boardroom in many businesses, paving the way for more applications to be developed for added convenience to its users. Which apps are considered the best for Android phones? Here are the top 10 apps you should check out.
  • Samsung Phones vs. Apple Phones: Which is best?
    Looking to buy the best smartphone but don’t know which to choose between Apple and Samsung brands? You can’t be blamed for that matter considering that the smartphone arena is equally dominated by these two giant companies. As what can be observed, Apple and Samsung companies are stiffly competing as to which between themselves has more to offer to the public most especially when it comes to mobile devices such as tablets, netbooks, and most especially smartphones.
  • What is Cellphone?
    Nowadays, the use of technology is everywhere. One of these devices that many people are now using is the cellphone. Cellphone has a primary function and benefits to everyone, that’s why it becomes more popular as time goes by. What is Cellphone?  This is the question that some people ask themselves even if they are already using this device for a long time.